The Amsterdam-based rising artist STALE AMSTERDAM loves to throw some paint around. With his dripping technique, he literally throws the paint on the canvas. With his own developed unique mixing techniques, he creates a crystal clear effect which makes the color sharper and intense. STALE spent lots of time developing his own dripping techniques, creating his own paint and experimenting with different materials. He worked “under the radar” for almost 5 years to find his own unique style.

The down-to-earth STALE only started out in 2015 as a professional artist, but already exhibited in the Louvre Paris, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Art Expo New York, the Hermitage museum Amsterdam, Berliner Art Week and Spectrum Miami.

Curriculum Vitae:

April 2015: Participate TV show Kunstuur / van Gogh museum AVRO/ TROS van Gogh contest
May 2015: OAWE Open Gallery Route Amsterdam Island
July 2015: Museumsquare Art Square Amsterdam
October 2015: ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Solo exhibition
October 2015: AMF Amsterdam ArenA Solo exhibition
April 2016: Art Expo New York (Rising Artist)
April 2016: Hermitage Museum Amsterdam
May 2016: Art Shopping Louvre Paris
September 2016: Berliner Liste (Art week Berlin)
October 2016: ADE Vlaams Cultuurhuis Amsterdam
December 2016: Spectrum Miami
April 2017: Art Expo New York (Solo)
May 2017: I am Amsterdam Art Museumsquare Amsterdam
June 2017: OAWE Open Gallery Route Amsterdam Island
June 2017: Art Shopping Louvre Paris
October 2017: Art Shopping Louvre Paris
November 2017: Dubai International Motorshow
June 2018: Art Shopping Louvre Paris
November 2018: Affordable Art Fair
June 2019: OAWE Open Gallery Route Amsterdam Island
July – Sep 2019: Long Live Rembrandt Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
September 2019 – March 2020: Borussia Mönchengladbach Museum
August 2020: ‘Heroes’ Go Gallery Amsterdam
September 2020: Kensington Art Castle Hamburg
October 2020: Art Angels WTC Amsterdam